Why is it important to have a Google My Business listing in the construction industry?

A Google My Business listing is one of the most consulted elements by construction contractors and clients

Most people (just like me) when they search for something, they open the Google search bar and type in what they are looking for! When a potential client is looking for a construction or renovation contractor in a specific sector of activity for their projects, the majority of the time, they will go to Google. Your Google My Business listing will probably be the first footprint of your business that will catch his eye! He will see all the useful relevant information of your business such as your contact details, areas served, your hours, your website, meeting link, photos and videos of your projects and of course Google reviews.

Plus, it’s free

A Google My Business listing is both a free tool and a suite of interfaces that includes a dashboard, local business profiles, and a volunteer-run support forum with this branding. Did you know that over 90% of all searches are done on Google! This is what makes it the most visited search engine in the world, and why you should take advantage of it. Additionally, Google Business Profiles and associated Google Maps form the core of Google’s free local search marketing options for businesses.

A Google business profile to improve your local SEO

Your full Google Business Profile appears most often when you search for a business by its brand name, often with a city name included in your search language! In some cases, your Google My Business listing will also show up for searches with specific keywords. This can happen if there is little competition for a search term or if your listing is well put together and optimized! Your business profile appears to the right of the organic search engine results.

Thanks to your Google My Business profile, you also appear on Google Maps

Google Maps is the default view on Android mobile phones, and desktop users can also choose to search through this interface instead of general Google search. Geolocation will allow you to be seen when a potential customer specifies their searches by indicating a city or region close to yours. Searches through Google Maps return results that are quite similar to local searcher results, although there are some differences. It’s entirely possible that Google could, at some point, solidify the user experience and make local businesses default on Google Maps. It is a simple and quick action that will make life easier for your future potential customers. Tell yourself that if the consumer has difficulty obtaining information and reaching you, he will go to your competitor.

Google reviews will increase your notoriety and trust to potential customers

Any construction and renovation contractor is well aware that the services they offer are more expensive and are somewhat of an investment in the eyes of their customers than a simple outing to a restaurant! From there, the importance of the Google reviews you receive become an important factor that will greatly influence people to contact your business or not. Moreover, it will have an impact for Google when it decides which company to display in local search results. In fact, statistics show that over 80% of consumers say positive reviews influence their decision to trust a business.
So it’s a great opportunity to prove the quality of your business’s services and get a head start on your competitors by collecting reviews on your Google My Business listing.

In conclusion, a Google My Business listing can help you position your business at another level thanks to the local referencing which is a key strategy today to make your building company known in your region.

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