Why have a blog for your construction company on your website?

Far too often neglected by companies in the field of construction and renovation, this element is a proven web marketing strategy to give you credibility and notoriety as a specialist in the services you offer to your customers!

A construction company blog will allow you to generate more organic traffic for free on your website!

Blog articles with good quality content can inform your potential customers about your products and services offered by your construction company and establish a relationship of trust! A blog is an essential element to stand out and position yourself on Google’s search engines! In fact, in clearer terms, it is the best way to feed and periodically update your website content to maintain your ranking on Google on a recurring basis!

A big SEO boost for your business!

To position yourself on keywords searched by your target customers, the blog is without a doubt the tool that will allow your website to perform better on search engines. About 75% of buyers do research online before choosing the company they will approach for the construction and renovation project! This sector of activity is very competitive due to the growing number of companies in this field! In addition, less than 3% of users will see the second page in Google’s search engines! This figure speaks volumes if you are not well positioned in the first search results for the services you offer in your field of construction.

Share original and relevant content on social networks

Sharing informative articles about your construction company on social networks will allow you to stand out from your competitors who too often always share the same kind of publication of the latest project to be carried out, always advertise the same service, etc. A blog post demonstrates the seriousness and values of your construction company! This way, your potential customers will feel that you are not there just to sell them sloppy service! They will rather retain the relevance of your article which will help them to make an informed choice and this memory of you! In conclusion, the more your articles are shared on social media, the more they will be valued in the eyes of Google for your SEO!

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