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Prestal Construction



Project management

Gestions Heureka

Renovation expert

Structure Design

Container home

Construction Exco

Construction, Demolition and Decontamination

Vitrerie DK

Expert in glass industry


Wood restauration and epoxy coating

Sos Nid-de-poule

Permanent pothole repair

Scellant Rivière Noire

Asphalt sealer

Construction Mcube

Turnkey general renovation



Construction m3

Commercial and industrial construction

Global Epoxy Polissage


Béton Solution Expert

Concrete coatings

Rhino Linings

Protection coatings

Mannetta Industries

Residential construction and renovation

Époxy Montérégie

Concrete repair and decorative coatings

Elect Expert

Expert in electricity

Groupe Multiflexx

Surface Solutions Providers and Coatings Distributors


Dry ice cleaning

Construction V2M Epoxy

Protective coatings

Ventilation AA


JParis Paysagement


MSC Asphalte

Asphalt maintenance and coating

Époxy et Cie

Epoxy coating

Poly-revêtements Saguenay

Epoxy floor and concrete repair

Mutisport Synthétique

Synthetic surfaces

Rosemère Climatisation

Air conditioning – heating – heat pump

Les entreprises BRC

Concerete works and mini-excavation

DP Excavation

Excavation service

VM Isolation

Insulation and soundproofing

Toiture MAM

Roof installation

Ventilation Keno


Toiture ML

Roof shingle

Go Rubber

EPDM and ecopaving

Epoxy en ligne


Les entreprises JL

Preventive maintenance, cleaning, installation, repair and protection of paving stones

GLD Location

Machinery rental

Epoxy Diamant Plus

Building painter and epoxy coating contractor

Peintre Boucherville

Painter and finisher in Boucherville

Epoxy Protec

Epoxy floor

Epoxy Perfotech

Epoxy floor

Global Inspection

Building inspection

Les Services M.P.K.L Inc

Airconditioning and heating

Epoxy Solution RS Inc

Surface coatings

Expert Conseil Immobilier

Building inspection

Groupe Heureka

Air conditioning and heating

Jacques Desrosiers

Painter contractor

Peintre Fer Forgé

Wrought iron painter in Montreal and on the South Shore

Other projects


Private trainers

Detailing Nick

Car cleaning

Esthétique Terrebonne

JD Beauty Institute

Soraya Kardi Accounting



Air purifiers

Esthétique Brossard

Cynthia Watier Wellness Center

Chalets des cascades

Chalets in the area of the waterfalls